Sunday, August 28, 2016

Roster Update.

Just received a couple of TLT PSC cabooses, CEMR road name from Credit Valley to add to the fleet. They look good next to the Intermountain SD40-2W CEMR locomotives.

Cando CEMR

Here is the complete loco roster as of this writing.

All motive power thus far. ( more to come).

From left to right and top to bottom.

Rapido GMD-1  CN # 1121
Rapido GMD-1  CN #1027
Proto 2000 SW 8/900   CNR # 7151
Athearn Genesis GP38-2W  CN #4775
Intermountain SD40-2W  CEMR # 5311 (x2)..road #'s to be changed in the future on doubles.

All equipped with DCC and sound.

Seems like it's been a long hot summer. Bleh. Summer is not my favourite season. Can't do much outside when the humidex is in the stratosphere and can't work on the model railroad cause it's doubly hot up in the loft.  Fall can't come soon enough  :) .

We likes winter.

Now we're talking....bring it on.


  1. Looking good! If you need a place to run your fleet... ;)

    1. Thanks Steve. If nothing else I will become a model railroad "collector" Someday soon in the not too distant future, I will got some track laid and get them running.
      I may be changing the layout footprint as well, from a strictly point to point to a hybrid combination of a continuous run around and point to point, ( if that makes any sense?) But,,,without employing any lift outs or duck unders. Best way to describe it might be around the walls with return loops and a peninsula.
      No doubt more changes coming down the pike.
      ......and maybe next year I will try and get some sort of thru the wall air conditioner installed.. :)